What Is Dwell Time & Why It’s Important to Improve

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What Is Dwell Time & Why It’s Important to Improve

Achieving a high ranking on Google is worth celebrating, but your work doesn’t stop there. Yes, more people are likely to see you in the search results. However, just because they are more likely to visit your website doesn’t mean they are more likely to stay.

Convincing visitors to click your website is only the start. You have to prove to them that your website has exactly what they are searching for. Having good dwell time reveals if you are successful.

Dwell time is the amount of time a user spends on your website before exiting your website. It reveals if your site satisfies the needs of what users search for.

While Google hasn’t confirmed it is a ranking factor, clues indicate it impacts ranking. Dwell time reflects the credibility and effectiveness of your site.

Methods to improve dwell time include:

1. Optimize Mobile Site – Users will not stay on your website if it’s difficult to use or find information.

69% of smartphone users are more likely to buy on mobile sites that easily answer their questions.

2. Improve Site Speed – Users expect a page to load in seconds and may leave due to slow loading times.

47% of website visitors expect your website to load in less than two seconds.

3. Add Interactive Content – Interactive content like quizzes, calculators, interactive infographics, and more prompt users to take action.

88% of marketers found interactive elements helped brands stand apart from competitors.

91% of B2B buyers reported a preference for interactive content rather than static content.

4. Embed Videos – Use video wisely to inform visitors. Auto-roll videos turn off users, but self-play embedded videos entice them.

80% of marketers reported embedding videos increased dwell time.

5. Create Good Content – Easy-to-read content helps readers find what they are looking for.

Break up your content into smaller sections to guide the reader.

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