3 Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Website

3 Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Website

Driving visitors to your site can be challenging, and it may take time. But we know three simple things you can do to get more traffic, leads, conversions, and customers.

1. Claim your FREE Google My Business (GMB) Page

80% of consumers choose a business on the first page of Google search results. It goes without saying: you want your business on that page.

By claiming your GMB page, you help your business’ information appear on that first page, before the first search result. And did we forget to mention – IT’S FREE!

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2. Learn From Your Page’s Analytics

Another free tool at your fingertips is Google Analytics. Pay attention to which of your marketing campaigns is working best. When you know where and how traffic is coming to your site, you’ll be better equipped to increase it.

3. Build Up Your Backlinks

With helpful content, people are more likely to share it, and other businesses are more likely to link to your website, you’ll get more visibility on the web that drives qualified traffic to your site. Google uses the quality of backlinks you have to help determine how it will rank your site. The higher your rankings, the more traffic you can get!