3 Ways to Improve Bounce Rate

bounce rate graphic

Improve Your Bounce Rate With These 3 Easy Tips

When users leave your website without engaging, you get a high bounce rate and probably a lost chance to make a sale or get a lead. Lowering your bounce rate leads to a higher conversion rate, leading to more profits. Getting your users to engage with your website is easier than you think.

Here are three simple ways to get your users to engage and improve your bounce rate:

1. Make it Easy to Read

    • Use Bulleted Lists
    • Avoid Using Long Paragraphs
    • Use Easy-to-Understand Conversational Language
    • Use Clear, Readable Fonts, and Colors

2. Compel Them to Click

    • Have a Clear and Compelling Call-to-Action
    • Make Sure the Call-to-Action Button Is Easy to See
    • Offer Links to Pages with More Specific Content

3. Speed it Up

    • Use Images That Load Quickly
    • Use a Dedicated Virtual Server, Not a Cheap Shared-Hosting Site
    • Get the Mobile Version of Your Website to Load in Two Seconds