10 Best Free Tools to Grow Your Business Online

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No matter the size of your business or what your marketing budget is, your business’ online presence needs to be strong. With all of the tools and software available to ensure your online success, maintaining an effective online status can become costly.  However, you don’t have to break the bank to be successful in your online marketing efforts.

There are several valuable free online business tools available to you, designed to keep you connected with your customers. Here is a list of some of our favorites.

  1. Google My Business Logo

Google is big on providing great free online business tools, and with Google My Business, you can increase your online visibility easily. It is the most widely-used directory to find and contact local businesses.

When someone hops onto Google and searches for a business in their area, such as “dermatologist Orlando,” or “dermatologist near me,” Google displays Google My Business listings. Immediately, the searcher gets the most direct, relevant content they are seeking

  • The business’s name, phone number, address, and website link
  • The business’s location and map
  • The business’s operating hours
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Photos of the business

Because GMB listings appear above the standard search results, there is automatically more exposure to searchers. Not only that, but the search results may even list the GMB listing for your business as well as your webpage listed in the regular search results depending on your ranking. That’s two first page results, at no cost to you.

  1. Smylelytics logo

Navigating through your website’s Google Analytics can be a time-consuming and confusing practice considering the amount of data thrown at you, but it’s essential to understanding how your site is performing.

Smyletyics is a valuable free online business tool that turns your data into enjoyable photographs. This tool takes all of that useful data and turns it into something you’ll actually like to look at.

Not only is this service free, but it’s easy to use. Getting started is easy. All you have to do is:

  • Supply Your Google Analytics Email Address
  • Choose a Personalized Theme
  • Enjoy Your Bi-Monthly Emails with Your Data Turned into Photos

Your email will give you an easy-to-understand breakdown of how your website is performing as a marketing tool.

  1. canva logo

You need eye-catching graphics to grab customers’ attention, and it’s pretty easy to do with Canva. This free online business tool is a graphics editing software that helps create dazzling illustrations, graphs, social images, and graphics that will stop readers’ eyes in their tracks.

The easy-to-use drag and drop feature makes designing a breeze so you’ll not only get eye-popping results, but you’ll also save time. The impressive number of free resources to creating amazing internet artwork includes access to:

  • Lots of Beautiful Photo Filters
  • Hundreds of fonts
  • Thousands of Icons and Shapes
  • Millions of Stock Images, Photos, and Illustrations

It is a hidden gem in the free online business toolbox. Not only are you able to create stunning visual content for free quickly and easily, but you can kick up your design ability a few notches through some of their short online courses.

  1. mailchimp logo

According to 2018 statistics from the Data & Marketing Association, for every $1 spent on email marketing returns an average of $32 in your pocket. So, all those rumors that say email marketing is a thing of the past? Obviously, they’re wrong.

No matter what size business you have or how extensive your email list is, you want your emails to look professional and appealing. Although there are paid upgrades you may opt to invest in, the basic version of Mailchimp is an excellent free online business tool that will not only simplify the way you send emails, it is chock-full of features to make your emails look fantastic.

Mailchimp’s free version allows you to:

  • Email up to 2,000 contacts
  • Choose from 100 beautifully-designed templates
  • Send up to 10,000 emails
  • Integrate with over 200 apps
  • Keep tabs on your email campaigns through basic reports
  • Automate welcome, order notification, and abandoned cart emails
  • Do all this and more on their mobile app

But MailChimp doesn’t just help you with emails; you also get great social media marketing options, including Facebook and Instagram ads, social posting, pop-up forms, and more. This free online business tool includes access to their easy-to-use “Content Studio” that helps you create professional-looking marketing campaigns to use across all of your marketing campaigns.

Of course, you could upgrade to receive more marketing and email options, but the free version is loaded with enough features for almost any business.

  1. feedier logo

When you better understand your customers, your marketing efforts go further, but getting inside their heads can be a difficult and timely process. One way to get to know how your customers think is through online surveys. The problem is, not too many people want to take the time to fill out a survey; people today are busy and impatient. That means your surveys need to be engaging and rewarding.

This is exactly the service Feedier provides.

Feedier makes designing surveys simple with their clean, modern, and easy-to-use interface. When you create a survey, you can choose a game-like survey experience for your users, or go with a more professional option.  In either case, Feedier allows you to create exciting-looking surveys to entice users into engaging.

This free version of this online business tool includes several useful features, including:

  • Unlimited Response Feedback
  • Custom Branding (Put Your Brand on Each Survey)
  • Complete Reporting
  • 1,000 Emails Per Month
  • Regular Customer Support

Feedier also offers a free live demonstration with an expert who will walk you through how this valuable tool could help your business collect feedback.

  1. answer the public logo

You know your website needs to have stellar content to keep your audience engaged. But how do you know what searchers are really looking for so you can remain at the top of their search lists? Answer the Public is a wonderful free online business tool to help you do just that.

Answer the Public uses the results from Google and Bing to provide valuable insight into your customers’ minds. You’ll be better able to understand what is on their minds so you can provide the answers to their queries.

All you have to do is type a phrase relating to your business into the search box on Answer the Public’s home page. Your results are sorted into categories such as what, how, when, can, and so on, depending on what people type into Google or Bing. You’ll be able to see the exact questions on your customers’ minds and lots of great ideas for content that will bring them to your website.

Use the results from Answer the Public to create blog posts, landing pages, social media posts, and more. Creating engaging content your customers are eager to read has never been easier with the help of this free online business tool.

  1. hootsuite logo

There are no two ways about it, in today’s marketing world, it is absolutely essential for your business to have a social media presence. However, managing your content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, to name a few, is not an easy thing to do. Hootsuite is among the most popular social media management tools available and offers a tremendous number of features in their free version, making it even more enticing to businesses on a budget.

When you sign up to use this free online business tool, you get a dashboard, known as the Hootsuite dashboard, used to organize all of your social media profiles in one place, saving you tons of time.

Sounds good, right? Well, there’s more to Hootsuite that just being a super-helpful time-saver when it comes to social media. Hootsuite also allows you to:

  • Schedule your social media posts
  • Send private messages to target groups on any given social media platform
  • Gain valuable insight into how your social media posts perform through analytical reports and click summaries

Hootsuite is a great way to keep all of your social media ducks in a row without spending hours doing so. And since you need to keep up your social media presence in today’s market, you don’t want to get social-media-posting burnout. With Hootsuite, you won’t!

  1. wrike logo

Amidst the vast array of project management tools available to businesses, it can be tough to find one that will not only improve the efficiency of getting projects completed while not draining your company’s bank account. While Wrike does offer a comprehensive paid version of their software, their free version includes an abundance of features useful to managing your business’s projects.

This free online business tool allows you to:

  • Develop plans easily across multiple teams
  • View real-time reports for all of your projects
  • Communicate effectively with all teams
  • Manage workflow

Like many free online business tools designed to make your business run smoothly, Wrike gives you and your team a dashboard as a central location for all communication, projects, reports, plans, and priorities.

Wrike’s free version includes:

  • Access for up to five people
  • Task management tools
  • File-sharing capability
  • Real-time activity reports
  • A spreadsheet view
  • 2GB of storage

Once you use the free version of Wrike, you may find yourself wanting more. If so, Wrike is surprisingly affordable as an upgrade for as little as $9.80 per month.

  1. pingdom logo

Slow websites directly affect SEO rankings, conversion rates, bounce rates, and dwell times. Your customers don’t like slow web pages, so you have to make sure yours is up to snuff with today’s impatient society. Although the faster the better in terms of load time, Google recommends your business’s website loading time to be less than one second.

That’s fast. Faster than the time it takes for you to read this sentence.

So how do you know how fast your site is? Well, you need to test it out. There are several website speed tests out there, Pingdom being one of the most well-known and comprehensive.

Once to put your website address into Pingdom’s speed test, this free online business tool delivers some pretty eye-opening results separated into four different sections: performance grade, page analysis, history, and waterfall breakdown. The results of this free speed test will help you see where your website needs some improvements in terms of speed, to avoid high bounce rates and low rankings.

Although the speed test itself is free, Pingdom offers a plethora of problem-solving solutions, including a 24/7 website monitoring service.

Video marketing is one of the most powerful online marketing tools you can use to drive traffic to your business, and when you think of online videos, chances are, your mind goes to YouTube.

With over 50 million users watching 5 billion videos per day, YouTube is a mega-giant in the internet video world. The more amazing fact is that YouTube is free to use for anyone, including businesses. This free online business tool is an excellent catalyst for gaining ranking ground, and you definitely need to get in on it.

Although creating videos themselves might cost you some money (or not), uploading them to YouTube won’t cost your business a penny. Not only that, those videos can then be shared across social media sites, within your email marketing campaigns, and on your website itself.  There isn’t a free online marketing tool that can capture attention like YouTube because video is currently king in the internet marketing segment.

The list of benefits to using YouTube is pretty extensive, but just to name a few:

  • You’ll be able to reach audiences around the world.
  • You’ll get attention as no other marketing tactic can.
  • You’ll get a lot of website traffic.
  • You’ll gain the ability to go viral.


Your business doesn’t need to have deep pockets to achieve a successful website presence. So many helpful free online business tools are available to small and large businesses alike that will help you organize internally as well as get your name out there. Don’t get discouraged by assuming you’ll have to spend tons of money to make your online marketing efforts go further. It just may be easier than you think.