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We make website data easy.

Improve your online presence. Get the easiest and most enjoyable tool to understand your website performance.

“Data” shouldn’t be a four-letter word.

We all know that monitoring your website and ecommerce data is vital to your business. But what if it’s too much data to digest? How can you implement information you just don’t have time to analyze?

Get the BIG picture, in just three pictures.

Smylelytics translates your data into fun, personalized photos that will tell you, at a glance, if you site is improving, holding steady, or could use a little love to bring your metrics up.

Getting started is so easy—here’s all you need:

  • The email address for your Google Analytics account
  • The email address where you want your Smylelytics sent each month
  • That’s it—no credit cards, no monthly fees. It’s completely FREE (See, we made you smile already).

User Reviews

Easy to use. It is pretty great for simple data visualization.

Robert Salmeron, Falcon's Creative Group

Smylelytics Themes

Choose the theme that makes you smile. We’ll do the rest.

How Smylelytics Works



Simply register for Smylelytics and choose our personal theme. Pick one that makes YOU smile!



Give Smylelytics safe, read-only, access to your Google Analytics account.



Once a month, we’ll send your Smylelytics showing your website’s performance compared to the previous 30 days with a smile. No math, no charts, and no scary, squiggly lines!

Big data doesn't have to be big, and it doesn't have to be intimidating. I knew many businesses were sitting on valuable data that could help strengthen their online presence, but never looked at it. I created Smylelytics to put that valuable data in the hands of business owners in a way that is simple to understand and enjoyable to use.

Matt Weber
Internet Marketing Expert and Smylelytics creator


Common questions and answers

Can I change my theme set?

Absolutely—using your personal Smylelytics dashboard, you can change themes, your contact information, and even the email where you receive your monthly Smylelytics update! After all, variety is the spice of life.

What if I'm not sure my Google Analytics is set up correctly?

No problem! We also provide full Google Analytics installation as a separate service. Learn more.

How often will I get the data?

You'll receive a Smylelytics update once a month, sent directly to the email you provide us.

What if I have more than one website?

You will need a separate Smylelytics account for each website. (Think of it as more important data you need—and an opportunity to choose another great theme!)

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